Family Physician – Orange Park, FL.

Board Certified in Family Medicine, here at Global Family Care, we treat a wide variety of medical illnesses with a focus on disease prevention. We are a medical team that specializes in family medicine for all age groups. We are not only a medical office but an institution of medical excellence. We promote good health habits and well-being by giving you good counseling based on excellent medical evidence.

Our staff is available to offer you an appointment for consultation, general health check up, vaccinations, or management of chronic illnesses. Family medicine encompasses general adult internal medicine, gynecologic care, pediatric care, geriatrics, dermatologic problems, mental health conditions, and minor surgical procedures. Our many years of experience allow us to treat multiple generations of many families here in our city.

As you know, thanks to the Internet, all of the medical information that is available to us today, we can partner with you to avoid disease, treat simple and complex medical problems, and work in unison with some of the absolute best specialists our city has to offer.